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Screen Capture Guide

Post#1 » Sun Feb 26, 2017 9:25 pm


Special thanks to tiHnoitalusO for writing this elaborated guide!

Hello people's!

I will share my knowledge to everyone for how to record and edit knight online videos. There will be 2 guide as BASIC and ADVANCE method.

Let me go with basic guide first for instant video on internet. If you feel you are 'good' enough on this, look below for advance guide.

Basic Guide

This basic guide its all about for quick recording and uploading on youtube to report someone abusing game bugs or cheating. Video can be valid proof to anyone who sees and able to justified without doubt more then a screenshot. But, i believe there is not much users good at using all kinda recording softwares. So i will show very simple guide, to those are new to it and help you guys improve yourself to post anything suspicious at this forum. This basic guide NOT recommended for VIDEO EDITING PURPOSES.

1) first, download the recording software from the website >
2) Just launch the application (.EXE) once you downloaded, its very basic process to your desktop.Keep click on next> next> next> next> Ok. This software can be trusted,do not worry about it.
3) Once its installed, launch it and follow this guide as based on screen that i posted below.


- Please follow instruction on above as what i wrote to install this application.


- All those 'RED' arrows, indicate to show for that particular settings need to be 'CLICKED'.
- About the 'Shortcut key', Its your trigger key to start your screen recording. Once you press once, it will start and you can see the FPS number change to red color. If press again the key, it will stop recording and it will be back to green.



- Change your path folder to another Hard drive with space available,(if you have). If you only have 1 hard drive and the windows installed on it then let it be default settings to C:\Users\A******\Documents\Bandicam.
- Please remember your folder path, all your videos been recorded will be there.



- Follow this settings as been shown for better quality record with this format.

Once the bandicam settings been configured, you can launch the game and test the recording. Sometimes you will face some frame freezing while recording, its because your CPU,GPU(Graphic) or RAM usage not balance. Close some backround application, so cpu or ram will be in normal state and giving priority to GAME and BANDICAM usage.

Once you capture a video, you can start upload at youtube instantly for reporting purposes.
Youtube its very common simple sharing video website, so its not a 'rocket science' to learn to register their accounts and upload the videos.

This is the example of the video from the settings has shown on above that you can achieve in youtube.
The video its not edited and the size its around 100mb depends on duration. Uploaded directly from folder to youtube.

I showed the settings based on file size, quality and default codec from bandicam. I didnt want you guys to go further to focus on quality. If you want to learn about advance recording and editing, please understand the foundation of it as i shown here.

Thanks for reading and learning in same time, i hope you guys able to improve yourself much better and earn some knownledge from this post. Have fun cuties :P

Advance Guide

Alright folks, this is the real deal. Its going to be abit hard to understand but if you read carefully and research about it,wont be problem at all.

What i going to share about this advance guide its to make you understand to record high quality clips and exporting in sony vegas or adobe premiere. If you can see that all my videos was recorded in good quality. There is no trick for this, its all about proper method and settings.

Let me begin with some explanation,

All the softwares out there are good to record your screen. Its all about the codecs you capture and the settings. Well, even editing will do the changes, but editing its just part of 'recipe' to your videos. Like a chicken been fried without any ingredients and its taste normal , but if you add ingredients like black pepper,Egg,salt,white pepper,tumeric powder for sure it will taste gooooood! Thats how i edit my videos, i have the source of the high quality clip, buts its still look terrible, so i add the 'ingredients' like , brightness,contrast,color,blending and so on. Thats how they do in every movies you watch.

I will share for how to record in high quality with knight online game. But 1st, PC hardwares are important on this matter. Computer with bad performance will ruin your recording. I recommended atleast minumum dual/duo core , 2gb ram,1gb graphic card and 2nd hard disk/SSD. Why does this pc performance will impact your recording? The pc performance are big part of your game smoothness. Inorder to see same smoothness on your clip, you need to grab it exactly from screen. If your backround performances its intrupting the process of recording transmission, you will face some frame freezing and the clips been decoded will apply same on it. You need let the file transmission go smoothly without any interruption. So, when you going to do recording, open the task manager, kill those unnessasry process and release some CPU and RAM usage, basically close your other programs.

These days, im sure you guys using high spec pc's. So it wont be problem but, even using such a high end spec, you must make the backround performance QUIET and give priority to screen capturing software and the game.

This the softwares i used for recording-Dxtory from
Why i use this software? This the only software has alot of features that able to balance my recording transmission. I used and tested ALOT softwares , this the only one that suits me. Dxtory has very good features that for you to test your hard disk writing rate. Any external codecs i used, its always able to support and really 1 of the best so far i knowed.
This software its not free, so if use trial version you will see HUGE watermark on your clip.
Well you guys living at 2017,so you can find the 'nasty' full version of it, but buy it if you like the software, really worth it.

This the guide video for settings you need to be done on DXTORY and some explanation for you to understand.

Watch this tutorial -
Make sure download -

The video i shown its the settings i use all the time to record. Warning people, the files are huge, every 10 sec of the clip it will take around 300MB-1gb because its 'lossless' clip, means its take every frames on your screen with exact quality without losing the bitrate. The more higher FPS setting, the file also become bigger. If you want to deliver very good high quality video on youtube, your source of video of must be in very high quality, because somehow the youtube will transcode your clips to lower bitrate. But when they transcode, the quality wont be that bad because they just compressing your video to smaller size to their database for better streaming bandwidth. So, if your source is in bad quality, imagine what happend when they transcode your video in their database.

My last contest video Zone MYKO - Vision, the file was around 4.6GB size (6 HOURS Rendering in adobe premiere) and the project files was around 70GB. Ya, i know its very big file, but thats what i want, quality! So you need to be prepared for all these things, inorder to deliver good quality videos.

Now i explain about editing. Editing softwares as sony vegas, adobe premiere , after effects, magix movie maker etc etc, all these softwares has own feutures. Dosent mean that all these editing tools are good. Even i use adobe premiere all the time, i can say sony vegas also good editing software but i hate the GUI, its make me bored. All the effects on every editing software are same as i checked. So, what does able to deliver high quality video? its the project settings and exporting in right method.

When you going to start editing, make sure you set your project in proper settings. The project settings source is the one going to adjust all the clips settings while you editing it. The file you import and editing with it will be normal when you do playback, but the effects and quality will be diffirent when you exported it. Example, pixel breaking, horizontal lines, distortion, black lines and unclear special effects. So make sure set your project settings in correct way, its very important.
I dont use sony vegas but i know about sony vegas tools because all those tools are similiar to adobe premiere. I teached few of my friends to use sony vegas even though i dont do on editing on it and i know most of you use sony vegas, very common software that most of the knight online players use it, so i was testing and getting settings for you people edit in high quality videos. Here is the screen shot to set your project settings for 1080HD.

When you importing the clips from your folder, please do not change the project settings. You might wonder, how is that possible, when you record under low resolution ingame but you work at 1080HD as 1440x1080 or 1980x1080? Well the editing software its a tool able to convert your low resolution video to high resolution but you will lose abit quality in it. Thats how i explained earlier, if your source its in high quality when you recorded, so when you work in project it can able to deliver better quality later. An example , you recording knight online clips on 1980x1080 resolution (1080p),so when you edit and export, you will get same quality on output. My most video its on low resolution, as 1280x1024 or 1152x864 because i need high fps as a rogue to balance my ingame FPS not to drop to much while doing file transmission. The higher resolution you use ingame, the more FPS will drop in same time, but there is solution on it, HIGH END GRAPHIC CARD WITH 2133MHZ RAM! so its all about pc hardwares. So do some research on your pc to get best resolution while you recording without losing fps.

The exporting settings its very important. I seen most of the videos on youtube as knight online, they recorded in high resolution with YUV format, but i see less clarity on their videos. Basically, i said earlier, youtube transcode/compress your quality to lower bitrate. I been research this for a few week and read alot editing blogs, nothing helps btw. So i figure out a way you can get a decent quality on youtube from video. When i finnish working my project, i will export based on my own settings, not the preset has been given. The bitrate and profile its big part of your quality enhancement. So i adjust my bitrate to maximum output, so the file will be huge and laggy when you do playback from pc but if you upload to youtube, when they do transcode, the quality still be good while they use their system of video compression. So this is the method i do always. Before i do final render, i will do a simple render(Low export Settings) to watch my project from all the scenes to ensure must be in proper arrangment and clean as i wanted.
Sony vegas export settings its very similiar to other softwares , so this is the best settings you can export and deliver to youtube.

I explained and shared my knowledge , I wish everyone can record and edit better. I would like to share more but as you can see the post its getting to long yo. And last advise, do a proper clean editing, start with basic video without effect but try add with motion,transition,text and speed. Slowly you will improve yourself when you already understand all the effects, it will like so easy that you want try more further as i did. So keep doing it guys, i believe you guys can improvised and deliver very good videos to entertain everyone. Happy editing people!

Thanks for reading this guide.

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Re: Screen Capture Guide

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changed the type to sticky, simply one of the best detailed video capture guides out there, good job !
Best Regards.

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Re: Screen Capture Guide

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GhosT wrote:changed the type to sticky, simply one of the best detailed video capture guides out there, good job !

Thank you GM_Ghost :)
Zone MYKO - Vision

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Zone MYKO - Vision ( VS Uncut Version)

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Re: Screen Capture Guide

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Re: Screen Capture Guide

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thank you!

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