Avoid Soacs Crash Your Client

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Avoid Soacs Crash Your Client

Post#1 » Fri Jan 13, 2017 11:05 pm

Hello everybody.

In this tutorial i will guide you exactly how to stop the soacs crashing your client, however before i start i need you to be very carefull with what you doing, and you are taking all the resposibility's on your own if somthing happend/going wrong.

Let's Start:

First of all you do wonder why soacs is crashing out client?

Soacs is our anticheat, every program that you are running at your pc is detected by soacs, so if soacs see a very malicious process or any kind of hacking at your pc, it will crash your client.

however it can be stop if you follow me:

1.The very first before opening the game scan your computer for any viruses or any kind of

2.Open your desktop (or ctrl+alt+delete) and and search for proccess that you are not using and end them! (check the description if you dont know what proccess it is)


As you can see on the picture, i am not running any programs except paint,Skype,Teamspeak and My antivirus. so soacs is not detecting any malicious programs


3. if it's still didnt work run the command on search MSCONFIG AND GO to tab STARTUP


4. untick all the non programs that you think they not should be run when you starting the computer

5. restart the comuter when you done

6. try to log inside (95% it will work)

NOTE: Remmeber if you dont know what you doing then simply ask our staff, dont do anything that you dont know or else you will harm your computer!

also when you in-game and you try to browse avoid use the words "hack" or "cheat" or anything that soacs can detect and shutdown your game.

hope this guide help few people and remmeber if you dont know what you doing then please dont do it.

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