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Post#1 » Mon Mar 11, 2019 10:07 pm

Dear Knights,

We tried our best to keep this window open for many honest people that very rarely buy/sell items (at their own risk) using our forums/in-game but as always some assholes had to ruin it for everyone else.

Some sick minds has been using this trick to buy KC --> Sell it to get GBs/Items --> Sell them for real money --> open chargeback case of all the KC they bought against the server, Even tho we win almost ALL the cases opened against us since we are using Paypal's API system, but it is still ALOT of wasted time dealing with these assholes that we rather dedicate to the server and focus on it's growth.

As a result and Starting from TODAY 11/03/2019, ALL REAL MONEY TRANSACTION SELLING/BUYING Either using our Forums or In-game Chat/Shout WILL RESULT IN A BAN WITHOUT ANY WARNING! (you can always use any 3rd party forum to deal but just do not use our plateform to ruin our server).

Players should focus on having fun, this is not a workplace neither a trading plateform and you should ONLY DONATE when you are actively playing and for the MAIN REASON of supporting the server not as an investment.

This is a final decision, we will give players few days to get informed & pull away all their topics before we start forcing this new rule.

Play Fair & Have Fun.
Best Regards.

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